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A car lover and a collector of model cars since my childwood, in the late sixties I began, like other collectors at the time, to "chop" and modify the very few diecast model toys that were available at the time, to obtain different cars (mostly racing) that were being overlooked by the industry.
In just a few years that original group of "choppers" gave birth to a number of small one-man companies that began offering more or less home-made kits or hand-finished "model cars for collectors" (as opposed to "toy cars"). The movement quickly grew and eventually created a whole new market that catered for collectors over a long period when the industry was dormant.
After being one of the pioneers of the new "hobby", I went "semi-professional" in 1974 and started the very first (and, for a number of years, the only) "marque" devoted exclusively to the reproduction of land speed record cars. Over the years I have produced other types of models, but land speed cars, be them World Land Speed Record holders or challengers, smaller class record breakers or Bonneville Speed Trials contenders, have always been the core of my work, and I pride in having always chosen subjects that had never been modelled before.

Authenticity and accuracy being my obsessions, I devote a huge amount of time and effort into researching thoroughly every new car I plan to reproduce for accurate detail. Whenever the real car is in existence, I make a point of inspecting, photographing and measuring it personally. This accounts for the relatively small number of models I have released over the years (and for the relatively high prices too!). I have always produced personally the masters for my models, never using pre-existing models or masters made by others, and I have hand-built and finished myself every single model I have sold that was bearing my name.

All my models are made of polyurethane resin (polyesther was used for models 1 to 6). Cast, photoetched and turned metal parts are used where required. They are airbrush painted in authentic colors using real-car paints. Decals are custom printed by the best italian companies on the market. All models are produced to a constant 1/43 scale, in a limited edition of 300 or less numbered pieces. Starting with model n. 3, they are mounted on a signed wooden base and come with a two-language leaflet giving the full history and technical details of the real vehicle. From model n. 13 white Forex is used for the base instead of wood.

Over the years the series has offered models of some of the most significant cars that held or attempted the outright LSR in the late 20's at Daytona Beach and at Bonneville in the early 60's, together with some italian class record breakers.
More recently, after I attended my first Speed Week (1990), I turned my attention to some of the fastest or most historically significant Bonneville streamliners.
My future releases will keep providing a good selection of very different types of land speed and record breaking vehicles!

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Omicron land speed models are made by a long established italian model maker, known in the past for an extensive range of road race cars produced under a different brand. Omicron are distributed exclusively by Ugo Fadini models.
Moulded in polyurethane resin and sold in ready-built form, they are up to the standards you would expect for 1/43 hand crafted model cars from Italy. They are offered mounted on a plexiglass or forex base.
All models are thoroughly researched (with help from Ugo Fadini) and masters are purpose hand-sculpted by Omicron: they are never based on pre-existing models or moulds.
The line offers a wide variety of land speed cars of different types and eras, including WLSR challengers, long distance and class record breakers and Bonneville Speed Week racers. Like Ugo Fadini and TOM, Omicron always chooses cars that have never been modelled before.

Ugo Fadini has officially ceased production of his models at the end of 2016.
Parts for some models are still available and he might be persuaded to build one or two, from time to time. You may try asking. But first, check availability.

Автоперевод двух последних абзацев:

Модели для наземных скоростей Omicron производятся давним итальянским производителем моделей, известным в прошлом широким ассортиментом гоночных автомобилей, выпускаемых под другим брендом. Omicron распространяются исключительно по моделям Ugo Fadini.
Отлитые из полиуретановой смолы и продаваемые в готовом виде, они соответствуют стандартам, которые можно ожидать от 1/43 моделей автомобилей ручной работы из Италии. Они предлагаются установлены на основе из плексигласа или форекс.
Все модели тщательно исследованы (с помощью Уго Фадини), и мастера специально изготовлены вручную компанией Omicron: они никогда не основаны на уже существующих моделях или формах.
Линия предлагает широкий выбор автомобилей для наземных скоростей различных типов и эпох, включая гонщиков WLSR, рекордсмены на длинные дистанции и классы, а также гонщиков Bonneville Speed Week. Как Ugo Fadini и TOM, Omicron всегда выбирает автомобили, которые никогда не были смоделированы ранее.

Уго Фадини официально прекратил производство своих моделей в конце 2016 года.
Запчасти для некоторых моделей все еще доступны, и его могут время от времени уговаривать строить одну или две. Вы можете попробовать спросить. Но сначала проверьте доступность.

Сайт: http://www.ugofadini.com/index.html


Ugo Fadini
Via Storlato 19
35132 Padova, Italy
ph/fax +39.0498646202 (new number!)
cell +39.3406884564
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1937 Auto Union Typ C Stromlinie, Bernd Rosemeyer (Omicron)
Art.-Nr. OMI005
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